The Reading Group Seminars (RGS) are organized within an open community of researchers interested discussing how to face the study of biological systems with quantitative & mathematical approaches. More specifically the RGS can be framed in the context of the Computational & Theoretical Neuroscience field. Among the declared objectives we would like to motivate the discussion among people with complementary scientific backgrounds. The RGS is an open community, therefore the participation to the events is free of charge and to be informed on our initiatives one can simply subscribe to our google group (just click HERE !).
The first "Reading Group Seminar (RGS) event" took place March the 17, 2014 with 5 talks and around 30 participants.


Some years ago we have been organizing three national computational neuroscience workshops named NEUROMAT ( that were held in Milan and Pavia. Nowadays, after around ten years, the scenario has remained unchanged and we are still lacking a real scientific community on this important research subject in Italy.
Around the world many countries have faced the challenges of the Neuroscience field and they have establishing dedicated research centers (e.g. in Germany, the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience centers where pure experimental researches are synergically linked with the more quantitative/mathematical disciplines.
Filling the gap respect to these initiative is beyond our aims. However we believe that if small communities, like our, grow and cluster at some point, then they might finally constitute a 'Computational Neuroscience' society in Italy, one day.


  • Giovanni NALDI, Dip Matematica via Saldini Milano (UNIMI)
  • Thierry NIEUS, Neuroscience Brain Technology, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova (maintainer of the webpage and the google group)
  • Giacomo ALETTI, Dip Matematica via Saldini Milano (UNIMI)
  • Sergio SOLINAS, Dip.Fisiologia, via Forlanini, Pavia (UNIPV) 


The Reading Group Seminars (RGS) take place at the Dipartimento di Matematica "F. Enriques" Università degli studi di Milano via C.Saldini 50, Milano (

Department of Mathematics "Federigo Enriques"


Monday afternoon (2:30 PM, room C at the 2°floor).


The default language of our RGS is Italian, mainly because of practical reasons. However, since we aim to embrace all people interested in this subject, the seminars can also be held in english.